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Larchmont Virtual
Photo Museum

Larchmont's history is recorded in many documents, photographs, paintings and drawings. In an effort to preserve these images, and to make them more accessible. the Historical Society has scanned and digitized much of our own collection, and is actively seeking to collaborate in other preservation efforts by other community organizations. In our online archive, there are now more than 4,500 photographs of Larchmont. Our goals were

  • Preserving old photos and slides in an additional format.
  • Making the images available online.
  • Supporting other community organizations in preserving historic photo collections

This is a very large set of collections. To guide you, we are introducing some of the collections with narratives below. Alternatively, you can browse the entire collection at once at:

Larchmont Images

From the main site you can explore the collections, and search on dates, places and people. The collections are a work in progress - constantly being updated and annotated - and we need your help.

  • Volunteer to help in annotating the collection.
  • Let us add your family's collection of Larchmont photos to the archive.
  • Make a donation to defray the ongoing costs of maintaining the archive.

Larchmont Historical Society's General Collection

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This is a general collection of images that have appeared in the Society's website.


The Sidney Astle Collection

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Former Village Trustee Sidney Astle donated his collection of slides and images to the Historical Society.

The Judith Doolin Spikes Collection

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Local historian Judith Doolin Spikes has collected many slides of historical Larchmont.

Quaker Cemetery

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The Historical Society has documented the grave markers at the Quaker Cemetery, on the Boston Post Road, near to the Gilder Street parking lot.



Larchmont Fire Department

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The Fire Department's collection includes the pictures from the Fire Companies and from some of the Chiefs.

The Herbert Roth Collection

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The Larchmont Public Library maintains an exquisite collection of photographs from the 1940s by cartoonist Herbert Roth.

Larchmont People

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The Historical Society has a notebook of slides of famous and less well-known people.

Charts and Maps

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The Larchmont Public Library maintains a collection of many charts and maps. Some can be seen here, and other are best seen during a visit to the Library.

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